Do Car Manufacturers Make Their Own Parts?

Auto Manufacturers work with companies that specialize in producing vehicle parts. The largest part of the auto industry is made primarily of parts manufacturing.

Every year, the U.S registers millions of vehicles. To function correctly, each one of these vehicles needs more than 30,000 parts. These are quite a lot of parts, and it isn't unheard of for car owners to wonder, "do car manufacturers make their own parts." Car manufacturers' contract specialized companies to help them make these parts available to the market and parts manufacturing companies.

Auto Manufacturers work with companies that specialize in producing vehicle parts. The largest part of the auto industry is made primarily of parts manufacturing.

Main Three Types of Components:

  • OEM
Car Parts Manufacturers
Car Parts Manufacturers

These are originally manufactured parts for use in new vehicles. Car assembly lines often get new parts to assist in vehicle production. Manufacturers have to ensure that all the right parts are in position as they assemble parts. OEM parts are more expensive than other parts since they are original parts manufactured when the car is still new.

  • Replacement Parts

The manufacturer of a new car makes the replacement parts. Vehicle reliability and quality have increased, so it is only normal for parts to have high demand. Once a car is produced, a manufacturer can stock its parts for ten years.

  • Aftermarket parts

Aftermarket parts are those parts that aren't manufactured by the original car manufacturer. A car assembly line can have thousands of parts on it at a go. The small parts makeup subparts, and eventually, they all make up a fully functioning vehicle.

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Since we now know the answer to the question, "do car manufacturers make their own parts," we will highlight different sub-industries that manufacture parts and their products. There are many sub-industries that car parts manufacturers rely on to make critical products in the industry.

Below, we take a look at some of the Industries that makeup automobile parts companies.

Automotive Companies

A vehicle comprises different parts such as the engine, electrical components, breaks, and seats. An automobile is, therefore, an assembly of different components that result in a functional product.

Automotive Metal Stamping

These parts are essential components for the manufacture of motor vehicles. Examples of metal stamped parts include body parts, wheel centers, hub caps, trims, and moldings.

Transmission and Powertrain

Another 15% of the companies in the automotive parts factory produce powertrain and transmission parts. Examples of such parts include gears, axles, joints, and clutches.

Engines and Engine Parts

Engines are some of the most critical parts of a motor vehicle. Examples of parts used in the engine include crankshafts, bearings, manifolds, timing gears, and flywheels.

Electrical Parts

10% of companies in the automotive industry make electronic components for use in cars. These components include fuel pumps, starters, automotive lighting, windshield wiper systems, and automotive harnesses and ignitions.

Interior Trim And Seating

Another 10% of the companies make trimmings and vehicle fabric. Examples of this include panels, headliners, and seat belts.

Brake Systems

Only 5% of the companies in the auto parts industry produce brake systems. Brake systems refer to the brake cylinders and brake drums.

Suspension and Steering Parts

Auto Part Manufacturer
Auto Part Manufacturer

Another 5% of companies in the auto part industry produce steering devices and suspension parts such as shock absorbers and power steering pumps.

Other parts that the industry manufactures include fuel tanks, exhaust systems, airbags, and HVAC systems.

If you choose to get any of these parts straight from an online shop, ensure that you go through the company website's customer FAQ. From here, you will be more knowledgeable about the company policies on refunds and returns on their products.

The Economic Impact Of The Auto Parts Industry

One of the key contributors to the U.S economy is the auto part manufacturing industry. Most car manufacturers make their own parts. Nowadays, car manufacturers' contract specialized companies to manufacture components.

Due to this, many automobile part suppliers are as well-known as the original car manufacturers. Following this, there are projections that the auto part industry will grow by 3.6%. In 2025, it will reach a market value of almost $466 million. As we mentioned earlier, there's been an increase in motor vehicles' demand in the past decade.

Even though the U.S doesn't hold the record for manufacturing the highest number of passenger vehicles, there's still job creation by the auto industry.

Having a car may be more convenient than getting your ticketing sorted for a train ride. In conclusion, do car manufacturers make their own parts? Well, the truth is that all car manufacturers make their parts. But, because of growing demand, they see the need to contract first-tier companies to help them produce some components.

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